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Here's the latest coverage of how candidates say they'll restore our democracy:

  • Does Congress believe in democracy? We may soon find out

    Brian Dickerson | Detroit Free Press

    "Whether you're steamed about the disproportionate clout of gun manufacturers, Hollywood liberals, Wall Street billionaires or foreign governments, it's hard to see how a package of legislation designed to strengthen disclosure rules, restrain the growth of campaign spending and restrict partisan gerrymandering by either party could possibly make things worse — unless you secretly believe that representative government is a failed experiment whose time has come and gone."

  • The Movement to Fight Big Money Politics Now Has a Gold Standard

    Jon Schwarz | The Intercept

    "The good news is that we may not be doomed to spend the rest of our lives thinking of disgusting things to which to compare the American political process. This week for the first time, 12 major U.S. public interest organizations jointly released a campaign finance reform agenda, which they are asking every presidential candidate to endorse."

  • Why is no one asking candidates about THIS?

    Miles Rapoport | CNBC

    "Why aren't the candidates being asked about this in debates? Voters in both parties clearly want not only to hear from the candidates but to see specific commitments to advance political reform. "

  • 2016 Candidates, Take Note: We Need to Move From Talk to Comprehensive Solutions on Money in Politics

    Marge Baker | Huffington Post

    "The 2016 candidates must know it’s in their political interest to side with the people rather than wealthy special interests. They know that Americans want their children to grow up in a working democracy - one that lives up to the promise of our Founders’ vision rather than a plutocracy that serves the top one percent of the one percent."

  • Bush’s lobbying reform proposal should be the floor, not the ceiling, of agenda to clean up Washington

    Rahna Epting | Tampa Tribune

    "Bush is right to talk about this issue and to call for reforms, but he must do more if he wants voters to believe he’s serious about changing the culture of Washington. It’s fine to close the revolving door, but what about the billionaire donors who have his cellphone number?"

  • GOP candidates should address money in politics in Reagan library debate: Guest commentary

    Lisa Gilbert | Los Angeles Daily News

    "But the problem isn’t one bought politician. The problem is a system that forces elected leaders to spend half their day hobnobbing with wealthy individuals to raise money for election, instead of serving their constituents. Rebalancing this system so it works for everyday Americans will take far more than one supposedly “unbought” president. It requires the kind of full-scale restructuring proposed in the Fighting Big Money Agenda."